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Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Musician

I’ve been a music producer and recording engineer for the past 30 years. I started playing the guitar at the age of 12, and by 14 had started my first band.

I majored in audio and music production at Columbia College, obtained an internship at the famed Chicago Trax studios during my senior year, and was hired as a staff engineer upon graduation.

While at Trax, I started working for the studio’s in-house production company, Music Chicago, engineering, writing, co-producing, and playing guitar on numerous local/national radio and T.V. jingles.

Since 1991 I have also worked for Roger Bain Communications writing, producing, performing, and engineering a wide variety of music for T.V., radio, and infomercials.

In 1987, I started teaching music production classes in the Management Department at Columbia College, a position I’ve now held for the past 28 years.

Since 2011 I have also been an instructor in the Recording Arts Department at Tribeca Flashpoint College teaching a variety of audio recording and mixing classes.

For 17 years, I was an instructor for the Music Industry Workshop, an audio/music production/music business school.

From 1987-1993 I was a founding member of the rock band Captive Heart. Managed by former Capitol Records president Don Zimmerman, the group was signed to the MTM Music label. I produced, co-wrote, engineered/mixed, played guitar, and sang back-round vocals for the album “Home of the Brave”.

From 1995-2002, I played over 1000 shows as a member of the Tom Carey Band. I also produced, co-wrote, engineered/mixed, and played guitar for the two CDs released by that band.

Clients include:

R.Kelly, Vanessa Williams, Michele Shocked, Mr. Blotto, Dave Uhrich, Cathy Richardson, The Buckinghams, Angela Bofill, Ramsey Lewis, Material Issue, Mind Bomb, Sting guitarist Dominic Miller, Pat Metheny drummer Danny Gottlieb, Professor John, Marshal Jefferson, Ten City, Radakka, Kevin Matthews, The Nixons, Family Groove Company

Ad clients include:

Jewel/Osco, Ford, McDonald’s, Coke, NBC television, UPN network, AT&T, Dairy Queen, Tool T.V., Harley Davidson, Gloria Jeans Coffee