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  • Study level:Beginner - Intermediate
  • Starts on:Wednesday, June 6, 2018
  • Duration:12 Weeks
  • Seats:8
  • Price:$1,299

Ableton Music Production

Orville Kline & Brian Boncher Beginner - Intermediate

Class Overview

The Ableton Music Production course is designed for anybody interested in creating music using Ableton LIVE. Instructors introduce students to the fundamentals of digital production including remixing, original beat making, recording, and sound design. This course will also provide instruction on setting up a home studio. After completing the course students will be able to create quality music using a laptop or home studio. Even if someone already has some production experience there’s no doubt this class is a great polish to any current skills one may have.

7pm – 10pm

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Who is this for?

  • Musicians trying to take their sound into the digital realm
  • DJs stepping their game to next level creating their own remixes and mashups
  • Producers aspiring to learn a different software platform
  • Persons wishing to pick up a hobby involving music creation without any previous experience
  • Anyone wishing to make music a part of their life without years of lessons.

Class Subjects

  • Gear needed to begin using Ableton live on a home computer or laptop
  • Configuring computer operating system for optimal performance
  • Computer specifications to run Ableton LIVE at its peak workflow speed
  • Ableton display layout, menus, icons, important hot keys, relate to Pro Tools, Logic, and other DAW (Digital Audio Workstations)
  • Devices & Sounds the relationship between the different instruments, their frequency range, adjusting properties of any sound loaded
  • Using samples, packs, loops, find out where producers, djs, and musicians are getting their sounds from.
  • Audio Effects, using EQ, Filter, Delay, Sound Compression, Limiting to sculpt a sound
  • Making drums, kicks, and percussion using Drum Rack, Simpler, and Sampler
  • Keyboards & MIDI control devices used to enhance the hands on creation process including PUSH, LAUNCHPAD, MAUDIO KEYBOARDS
  • Music theory and it’s relation to Ableton LIVE, chords, progression, arpeggiation
  • Creating Bass lines, melodies, hard sounds, soft sounds
  • Rhythm and it’s effects on different genres
  • Arranging the pieces of a song for different feels and purposes
  • Adding effects, swooshes, risers, downers to enhance the mood of a song
  • Mixing principles and it’s result in the speakers
  • Adjusting the volume, pan, eq, and compression on all the sounds in a song
  • Maximizing output volume of the final audio file used for playback
  • Converting files for various uses including Digital Masters, iTunes, Beatport, Soundcloud, You Tube, Vinyl

Recommended Gear: Laptop or Desktop computer, Ableton Live Intro, Full, or Suite